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Sea Freight Department is managed by professionals having decades of exposure to the shipping industry. Our experienced staff maintains an excellent relationship with the liner, port, Network and customs authorities to make your shipping moving smoothly

1 - Brining the World to Dubai
Trans Asia Shipping and Cargo L.L.C are making the shipping idea much easier Required 4 simple Steps to move your Shipment from any point in the world to Dubai :

(WE required a diagram butting the 4 Point in it)

  • Get you’re quote
  • Confirm the quote with the schedule
  • Provide Trans Asia Shipping and cargo the proper document
  • recvie you’re shipment
  • *We have a Very Special Rate for import from all European Countries especially from Italy Spain Germany and France.

    Attractive rate for import to Dubai from Fareast Sector (China, S. Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan)

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